Mocha with Monique

Join us every month, for an informational discussion with our director of HTeM, Monique Knight. Here we discuss important topics and also take questions from families. You can enjoy casual conversations over coffee. Every month topics are focused around different themes, such as mathematics, Exhibition Night, and Neurodiversity. Sometimes an expert in that topic is invited to join the conversations.

View our meeting notes below.

DateTopic [click to see full notes]
05/19/2021Measuring Growth
03/17/2021Our Return Safe
01/20/2021What is an Equity Project
07/27/2020Community Thoughts
06/01/2020Social-Emotional Well-Being
05/04/2020Nudging Learning and Honoring Approximations
04/20/2020HTH’s Design Principles and Distance Learning
04/06/2020Distance Learning
02/18/2020Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
12/17/2019Exhibition Night
11/19/2019Mathematics at HTeM
10/22/2019First meeting, Introduction