Garden Group

The garden club has started and is in full force. Each classroom has a garden lesson every other week. Volunteers and experts go in the classrooms and do lessons with students. We have done two lessons so far. For the first lesson, students learned about tools that we use in our garden and created their very own garden notebooks where they wrote their goals for our community garden.

Before Thanksgiving break, one group of classrooms learned about the history of Thanksgiving and indigenous foods that were shared during the Wampanoag Autumn Feast (the Wampanoag were the tribe that helped the pilgrims grow and cultivate food). Then we used indigenous ingredients to create a recipe for “Spiced Popcorn.”

Next group will look at the planter boxes that were donated to our school and begin to sketch a design to paint our planters. Each class will paint their own box and each group of four within the class will have a portion of the box to paint. This lesson will promote them working collaboratively so that everyone is able to collectively voice their ideas and figure out how to incorporate these ideas to make a cohesive design. The follow up lesson will be them collectively painting the boxes. The planters already have plants and seeds in the beds from when they were donated so students have rotating jobs of labeling the plants, watering and tending to them until they are ready to be harvested.