Exhibition Night

Mocha w/ Monique 12/17/2019

What is Exhibition?

Ms. Lance: There are different versions of exhibitions, some are on campus, some are in other locations. For our first exhibition students will present in their own classrooms but that may not always be the case, some exhibitions will be in the theater or other areas on campus. 

When you walk in you will feel a lot of excited energy. It will be a loud buzz, there will be parents talking and students talking. You walk through the classroom, where you speak to all the group of kids that are sharing. If you speak to all of these groups you will get to see all the different parts of a project. You will see work on the wall, products on the tables. You will see where students collaborated with exploratory teachers, you will see student voice. 

When you walk around, you will see questions or student work on the table. If there are not prompts or specific questions you can always point to a product and say, “Tell me about _____.” If you can’t hear a child, you can ask them to speak louder. 

If there are students who do not have someone at their table, it would be nice to go to them so that they can share their learnings with you all.  

The project is done for many weeks and they have several drafts and revisions (based on feedback from teacher and peers). It is clear who the audience is and who the product is made for, sometimes we create things for communities different from our own. 

There will also be feedback that parents will be able to give to teachers and staff as we plan and prepare for the next round. 

Example of critique: Ms. Aja’s 1st grade classroom

What to Expect during Exhibition @HTeM 2019-2020

Parts of a Project

  • Evidence of fieldwork/experts
  • Process work (What did we do to learn and do along the way?)
  • Products (What did we make?) o Evidence of critique and revision
  • Exploratory collaboration
  • How did we launch our project?
  • Who is our audience? How will our project impact them?
  • Student voice and choice.

Purpose of exhibition

  • Give back to our community (give a product).
  • Share our learning with our community.
  • Celebrate our work with our families.
  • Elevate the work of young students.

Types of exhibitions

  • Each child gives a tour of all the parts of the project.
  • Students break up the parts of the project and are assigned to a station to teach about them.
  • Exhibitions off campus
  • Exhibition on campus
  • Performance


  • Be aware of traffic and parking at the exhibition location
  • Arrive early.
  • For a school exhibition, students typically arrive 15 minutes before the exhibition time. (i.e. If exhibition is at 5:15, please drop your child off at 5:00)

How do I experience exhibition?

  • Arrive on time.
  • Look for prompts and questions on tables.
  • Bend down if possible so you can speak with children and hear them.
  • Walk around and talk to all students, not just your own child.
  • Ask questions.
  • Be open.
  • Learn!
Pictures from Winter Exhibition 2019.

Overview of Project-Based Learning at High Tech High

Questions and Answers

Do the students get to see each other’s work or will they have to stay in their classroom during exhibition? The students will stay in their classroom but they will be able to see their buddy classroom during the day and present to them. 

How often will we have exhibition? This year we will have two (one in the winter and another and the spring).

What does exhibition look like for the elementary students? Is it the same as for high school? Yes, it is the same for both. We have a driving question and each station is set up to answer that question. 

Is the driving question something that teachers come up or do students help think of that question? It is typically something that teachers come up with but can be tweaked based on feedback and knowledge of our students. 

Should I stay with my student during exhibition? You can start in your child’s classroom but if possible, please go look at the the other grades. You can also go to the other school’s exhibition if you’d like. 

Is the work that student presents what they worked on and is interconnected or is it their own separate work? Yes, all students work on every aspect of the project, but they are at specific stations to speak on certain parts of the exhibition. The students choose what station they will speak to. Most exhibits display stations where there are different aspects of the project available. 


It would be nice to know what is going on with the project before exhibition. Could it be included in the weekly email sent from teachers?