Dads Group

The Dads’ Club is a school based group of involved father figures (dads, step-dads, uncles, grandfathers, etc.). Our mission is to increase every family members involvement in our children’s school community. The Dads’ Club is a highly valued HTeM PFA committee, organizing and sponsoring many all-family-inclusive special events during the school year, while offering opportunities for our members to discover our collective talents during strategic planning events.

  • We offer Dads’ Club Sponsored ALL-FAMILY-INCLUSIVE events, organized by the club’s members.
  • Our sponsored events may include Movie Nights, Family Hikes, Park Outings, Camping, and more.
  • Our Club leadership recognizes the need for all family member opportunities to serve, and that often the primary caregivers have a larger presence on campus and in organizing events.  Our goal is to help lighten the load and increase our family presence on campus.
  • Our Strategic Planning Member Events may include park time with kids, occasional outings for dads to bond in their roles in the community.
  • This is a dynamic group that will evolve as our community grows.
  • We invites members to join at whatever level of commitment works: Monthly meetings; Event support; Occasional event or project support; Strategic planning events and outings.