Mocha w/ Monique


  Notetaker: Alexandria 



Introductions and Welcome

Monique-Who Am I As Director?

I am an instructional leader, I spend most of my time in the classroom thinking about problem solving, math and literacy. My style is to be in the trenches with the teachers and think about how all the students are learning. Because of the community of staff and parents I am able to devote a lot of time to the classroom helping teachers. 

Community Agreements

Highlights! Sharing our Writing:

What are the strengths? What are the next steps? This applies to both academics and social-emotional learning. 

(Monique showed student writing samples and talked about strengths and areas of growth that teachers are working on with students). 

Questions from Parents:

How are the fundamentals in the classroom being taught? Especially kindergarten? How are we challenging kids who are at a certain level?

We use assessments to figure out how to make small groups. The whole class will get the fundamentals and then learning is scaffolded within the small group. 

Will that be communicated to us so we know where are students are so we can figure out where they are and what we can do to help them?

The books and the materials within the book baggies will be differentiated so that you can know where your students are. 

It would be nice to give feedback to parents to help them determine how to teach strategies to their child.

What is an IEP? How do I know if my child needs one?

Your child’s teacher and our education specialist will speak with you and determine next steps and strategies if your student needs differentiated learning. Further monitoring and testing will be conducted before determining if  an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is necessary for your student. 

Second Step and IAs? How are the students supported in the classroom?

We have an academic coach (AC) in all kindergarten and first grade classrooms. There is one academic coach that floats across second grade and we are in the process of hiring for another AC in second grade.

When will ST Math be available?

The overall HTH network is purchasing it for all the elementary schools. ST Math reinforces fact fluency and algorithmic practice. If you would like more math practice for your student, ask their teacher to send home old CGI math. 

Restorative Justice:

Does the school have an approach for positive discipline? 

A different parent: Some of the positive reinforcement is not working. My child have said something about bullying. 

Monique: We are a positive discipline school and are working on creating a space where students do not feel punished, while also holding them accountable to our expectations. We are still finding our balance with the two and constantly reinforce what our norms and expectations are with students throughout the day. 

Perhaps we can introduce a Teaching Recess to the students to remind them of what is available for them to play with (games they can play individually and in small groups)and what should not be done during recess time (such as football or tagging)

Possible Topic for Next Meeting:

Neurodiversity and Neurotypical Functioning 

Meeting Cadence:

Rotate Mornings (8:05a) and Afternoons (1:45am)-every other week on Mondays

Next Meeting: Thursday 26th at 1:45p

Next Steps:

Suggestions for the next meeting: Focused Topics for the space

Email up about ST Math and when it’s coming up