We, the Parent Family Association (PFA), come together to support the community of High Tech High Elementary Mesa (HTeM). We know in serving the community we are in service to students, teachers and families. The needs of our community requires that we gather in cooperation in order to achieve our vision and goals both in and outside of the classroom. Our PFA is comprised of a group of parents and family members who are committed to giving their time and energy to serve the needs of our school community. They use their strengths, passion and interests to volunteer in classrooms, organize events, and fundraise to help achieve our monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.

We value the voice of every family and so it is encouraged to take part in the PFA meetings and get involved. Since 2019 is our founding year for elementary school, we are in the process of building a strong community. We have weekly meetings to come together to work on specific things like a planning celebration and fundraising events and gardening. Once a month various working groups come together to discuss the progress and discuss upcoming agendas. All are welcome to join to share their ideas, skills and expertise. They can give as much or as little time as they can.

We bring our community together by organizing family events throughout the year. Some of the events are free events for the community to enjoy and bond with each other; and some of the other fun events are fundraising events whose purpose is also to raise finances. Link to our fundraising needs and goals. Here is a list of upcoming events